Laura J. Shape

I specialize in handmade, exquisite one of a kind leather goods. I work with traditional luxury leathers, as well as exotics like alligator, python, and stingray. Using age-old techniques of bag making and wet-molding, I create beautiful leather handbags, vessels, and sculptures. 

After studying graphic design in college, I spent my first career working digitally in advertising and web design. However, over time I lost interest after seeing all of my efforts made obsolete by advances in technology. I now embrace working with my hands and using lasting, sustainably-sourced natural materials.

My pieces are sensuous and combine my love of luxury, visual design, form, color, and texture. Many of the skins I use are from predators – simultaneously beautiful and deeply unsettling. I enjoy offering viewers the opportunity to experience them in a new context as the natural rare and precious gems they are.

My work has been featured in Latina magazine, 5280, and Colorado Expression Magazine.