$ 500

This artwork, made of 9 invasive lionfish skins, saved the lives of up to 630,000 native reef fish in the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, Atlantic and Mediterranean. It also protects the livelihoods of over 40 million people who make their living from these waters. Learn more about lionfish

This signed one of a kind bowl is handmade of invasive lionfish leather, dyed in irridescent earth and sky colors, and accented with hand applied 24 karat gold leaf. 

I called this one “Enlightenment” because I feel all its definitions apply. Through my research I’m becoming enlightened about the issue of invasive animal species and the damage they’re doing. I‘m also learning how we can work together to help solve this problem. As I learn more and show my work, I can help enlighten others about this issue. And working for this cause resonates with my soul and fills my days with purpose and a feeling of enlightenment.

  • 13.25 x 10.25 x 2.25 in
  • Invasive lionfish, leather, dye, pigment, 24 karat gold leaf

For display only, not food safe.

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