Working with light

I finally did it! The clutch idea I’ve been thinking about and working on for almost a year! I had to learn and figure out and problem solve so many things to make this work, and I nearly threw in the towel a couple of weeks ago. But later, the same night I had called it quits for good, I had an epiphany and solved it. So much trial and error, and all for what? Check out the pictures to see what this baby can do!

(Spoiler alert: the lips light up! 💋And not only that, but they have a dimmer AND a speed control. So you can have them be a steady light or blink at any brightness and speed you want! 😂 They seriously crack me up)

Lips like sugar clutch in bright light

Lips like sugar clutch in dim light

Lips like sugar clutch in the dark

I see a lot of potential for this idea. Like light up star bags or light up monogram bags. What kind of light up bag would you want to see?

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