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About American Alligator

Vibrantly colored alligator leather

Each American Alligator used contributes to preserving and protecting the Earth’s precious wetlands and the 8,000 native plant and animal species that live in them.

American Alligators are a vitally important native species that has existed mostly unchanged for 200 million years. They provide refuges for aquatic life, fresh water and food for other animals, and nesting and feeding sites for egrets and herons. They help maintain populations of game fish, and keep areas of open water free from invading vegetation. They also help keep invasive species, like nutria, in check. Without alligators, the ecosystem would change drastically and many species of flora and fauna would disappear. And their habitats are crucial to combating climate change, as wetlands sequester significantly more carbon per square mile than rainforests. 

Once viewed as a menace, alligators were excessively hunted. Their swampy habitats were undervalued and destroyed by agriculture and development. This led to their near extinction by 1967, when they were added to the Endangered Species List and put under federal protection.

Fortunately, strict regulation and careful management quickly revived the alligator population. Their swift recovery led to their removal from the Endangered Species List just 20 years later in 1987. Now alligators number in the millions. Still federally protected, they're currently labeled "LC" for species of least concern.

Surprisingly, this was accomplished by commercializing them. A well-regulated market for hides and meat incentivizes wetland owners to maintain alligators' natural habitats. These funds also support captive breeding, where alligator farmers collect and raise wild eggs. Releasing a percentage back into the wild when they're a year old ensures a stronger population than if they were left to hatch in the wild.

This program safeguards alligators, their habitats, and local biodiversity, preventing potential extinction. Investing in alligator leather supports a successful conservation initiative and promotes a healthier planet.

These scientifically-supported facts are backed by the United Nations, CITES, and wildlife biologists around the world.

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