"Watercolor Sunset" alligator bag

$ 10,000

This handbag is a one of a kind work of art made from the skin of a single alligator. The colors are reminiscent of a fiery sunset – rich tones of bright pink, yellow, orange, and red, fading to the most gorgeous shades of deep purple and blue. I painstakingly hand dyed them with a tiny paintbrush, one scale at a time, overlaying many layers of translucent color over several days to achieve this beautiful, rich watercolor painting effect. 

This bag is the perfect blend of beauty and utility for those who want to make a statement. The durable glossy alligator exterior is bold and vibrant, while the lambskin lining feels invitingly soft, supple, and indulgent. Safeguard your cash and credit cards in the slim, interior zip pocket, and slip your keys onto the interior keyring hook for easy access. Contrasting saddle stitching throughout displays the meticulous, hand-stitched craftsmanship of only the world's finest luxury bag-makers, while also adding strength and durability. 

This bag will wow your friends at the next soiree by being colorful, chic, and utterly unique. Its clean modern lines make it sophisticated without being stuffy, and it will be a timeless investment to be enjoyed for generations.

  • Sustainably sourced genuine American alligator (CITES tag included)
  • Lambskin lining
  • Magnetic closure
  • Single slim interior zip pocket
  • Solid brass interior keyring hook
  • 12.25" wide x 20" high with strap, strap drop is 12.25"
  • 100% saddle stitched

Unable to ship outside of the USA

About alligator leather: American alligator (alligator mississippiensis) is one of the most precious jewels of the leather industry, and was once an endangered species. However, thanks to creative use and conservation programs, it has completely recovered and is now common in many areas of the Southern U.S. 

By purchasing alligator you're investing in the environment. Alligators live in wetlands, which are up to 50 times more effective in battling climate change than rainforests. But they're fragile and expensive to maintain. Typically an owner can only profit from their wetland by turning it into farmland or drilling it for oil - both of which are dreadful for the environment. However, by making raising alligators a profitable business, owners have a financial incentive to maintain their land in its natural state. This not only protects the alligators, but all of the other flora and fauna that also thrive in these wetlands and which would otherwise disappear.

If anything goes wrong with your bag in its first five years, send it back to me and I'll make it right.

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