New recycled genuine fur bag!

I'm a little torn about this one, tbh. It's SO SOFT AND FLUFFY! But it was an enormous pain in the ass to make. Fur literally flew. Everywhere. Plus, glue and fur are a tough combo to work with. It sure feels super yummy to hold in your hands, though.

Bag #50 (first bag of my 50th year!) titled, "Starlet"
Recycled beaver fur outside, soft soft soft lambskin inside. Solid brass hardware and Swarovski® crystals.

What do you think? Would you carry a fur bag? I'd love to hear your opinion. Leave your comments below.


"Starlet" clutch bag


"Starlet" clutch bag 3/4 view

"Starlet" clutch bag side view"Starlet" clutch bag top view

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