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These artworks are all available for purchase.
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Renewal Sale price$ 200.00
Awakening Sale price$ 200.00
Ascent Sale price$ 200.00
Revival Sale price$ 200.00
Daydreaming About My LoveDaydreaming About My Love
Daydreaming About My Love Sale price$ 2,600.00
Harmony Sale price$ 450.00
Serenity Sale price$ 450.00
Tranquility Sale price$ 450.00
Enchantment Sale price$ 450.00
Euphoria Sale price$ 450.00
Last Night I Dreamt of TransformationLast Night I Dreamt of Transformation
Sold"If Nature Had More Time" scale image"If Nature Had More Time" wall image
If Nature Had More Time Sale price$ 1,600.00
We Are Made of MagicWe Are Made of Magic
We Are Made of Magic Sale price$ 850.00
Arc of the Moral UniverseArc of the Moral Universe
Arc of the Moral Universe Sale price$ 2,700.00
Dot - Pearl Midnight Blue AlligatorDot - Pearl Midnight Blue Alligator
Dot - Pearl Orange AlligatorDot - Pearl Orange Alligator
Dot - Pearl Orange Alligator Sale price$ 200.00
Dot - Pearl Pink AlligatorDot - Pearl Pink Alligator
Dot - Pearl Pink Alligator Sale price$ 200.00
Dot - Sky Blue AlligatorDot - Sky Blue Alligator
Dot - Sky Blue Alligator Sale price$ 200.00
Beginning Sale price$ 550.00
Sinister #3Sinister #3
Sinister #3 Sale price$ 750.00
Oh, You've got Grey EyesOh, You've got Grey Eyes
Oh, You've got Grey Eyes Sale price$ 650.00
Temple on the NileTemple on the Nile
Temple on the Nile Sale price$ 400.00
Sinister #4Sinister #4
Sinister #4 Sale price$ 500.00
The Ripple EffectThe Ripple Effect
The Ripple Effect Sale price$ 1,100.00
Dot - Pearl Green AlligatorDot - Pearl Green Alligator
Dot - Pearl Green Alligator Sale price$ 200.00
Dot - Palladium AlligatorDot - Palladium Alligator
Dot - Palladium Alligator Sale price$ 200.00
Anenome Sale price$ 750.00
Spring Sale price$ 300.00
Caribbean DreamCaribbean Dream
Caribbean Dream Sale price$ 400.00
Tamed Sale price$ 400.00
Watercolor SunsetWatercolor Sunset
Watercolor Sunset Sale price$ 4,900.00