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Sinister #3

Sale price$ 1,100.00

This artwork contributes to preserving and protecting the Earth’s precious wetlands and the 8,000 native plant and animal species that live in them. Learn more about alligator

This signed one-of-a-kind decorative bowl is handcrafted from real alligator leather that has been expertly hand-molded and dyed in a deep, luxurious black. To add a touch of elegance, every scale has been adorned with hand-applied 24 karat gold, creating a stunning play of light and shadow.

  • 10.5 x 10.5 x 1.875 in
  • Alligator leather, dye, 24 karat gold leaf

For display only, not food safe.

Unable to ship outside of the USA

Sinister #3
Sinister #3 Sale price$ 1,100.00