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Last Night I Dreamt of Transformation

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This artwork contributes to protecting over 70 species of native mammals, birds, and reptiles, and the 1.3 billion dollar economy dependent on the Florida Everglades. Learn more about invasive Burmese Python

Imagine a serpentine form embodying the very essence of change and renewal. This intricate leather sculpture presents a midnight blue-colored snake, its sleek body adorned with softly shining scales that shimmer like a twilight dream. As it sinuously winds in an elegant "S" shape, the snake's dark hide provides a dramatic backdrop for the explosion of color that covers it.

Vibrant leather flowers and greenery meticulously crafted and painted dance across the serpent’s form. Splashes of pink peonies, delicate blue forget-me-nots, sunny yellow marigolds, and regal purple tulips intermix with lush green leaves, creating an exuberant display of flora. The harmonious blend of these elements speaks to a symbiotic relationship between the raw, powerful form of the snake and the fragile, transient beauty of flowers.

Scattered along the snake's body, tiny twinkling fiber optic lights appear like stars cast against the deep blue of a serene night sky, evoking a sense of wonder and infinite possibility. This art piece, rising from the reclaimed hide of an invasive python from the Florida Everglades, is a testament to the power of transformation. It turns a symbol of environmental challenge into a breathtaking narrative of nature’s resilience and beauty.

This sculpture is not merely an object but a visual symphony that encourages us to reflect on the enchanting dance between danger and beauty, destruction and creation. It invites viewers to dream of a world where every challenge transforms into an opportunity for new beginnings and bright tomorrows.

  • 33 x 26 x 7 in
  •  Invasive Burmese Python leather, leather, dye, acrylic, fiberoptic lights
Unable to ship outside of the USA.
Last Night I Dreamt of Transformation
Last Night I Dreamt of Transformation Sale price$ 6,000.00