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Last Night I Dreamt of Transformation

Sale price$ 8,600.00

This artwork contributes to protecting over 70 species of native mammals, birds, and reptiles, and the 1.3 billion dollar economy dependent on the Florida Everglades. Learn more about invasive Burmese Python

Experience the mesmerizing uniqueness of this handcrafted, three-dimensional leather wall sculpture. This signed, one of a kind piece was molded by hand from an 8 foot long invasive python skin, then dyed a deep rich blue to evoke the night sky. The astral serpent design embodies the essence of transformation, awakening, and beautiful new beginnings with stunning hand-formed and painted leather flowers and twinkling fiberoptic stars.

Simply hang it from the two D rings on the back and plug it into a standard wall outlet using the included white power cord. Transform your space with this one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

  • 33 x 26 x 7 in
  •  Invasive Burmese Python leather, leather, dye, acrylic, fiberoptic lights
Unable to ship outside of the USA.
Last Night I Dreamt of Transformation
Last Night I Dreamt of Transformation Sale price$ 8,600.00