Arc of the Moral Universe

$ 1,500

This artwork contributes to preserving and protecting the Earth’s precious wetlands and the 8,000 native plant and animal species that live in them. Learn more about alligator

This signed one-of-a-kind bowl is handmade of genuine alligator leather. In the scale pattern of this animal I saw an erratic path loosely following a curve. It reminded me of Martin Luther King’s quote, “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” and I wanted to illustrate this idea.
The gold in this piece represents humanity's kind and moral acts - shiny dots of light and hope in an otherwise dark universe. Like the human population, they start small, separated by distance and time. But over time they grow, and each act inspires others. Sometimes several close together, sometimes with big spaces between them. But, hopefully, ultimately increasing and spreading light and love throughout the universe.

  • 18 x 22.25 x 4.875 in
  • Alligator, leather, dye, 24 karat gold leaf

For display only, not food safe. Stand not included.

Unable to ship outside of the USA 

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