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This artwork helps save the lives of up to 350,000 native reef fish. It also helps protect the livelihoods of over 40 million people who make their living from coral reefs. Learn more about lionfish

Titled "Ascent," this captivating piece measures 7 by 5 inches and is a unique exploration of medium and message. Crafted from invasive lionfish leather, acrylics, and pigments, this artwork captures the essence of a Caribbean shore with golden sand gradually transitioning into shallow, crystal-clear waters.

At its core, "Ascent" is a testament to the pristine, healthy shores and oceans that are attainable through the control of invasive species like the lionfish. The meticulous process involved airbrushing mesmerizing tones onto the lionfish leather, then precisely cutting and arranging the pieces into a mosaic, creating an enriching visual texture that mirrors the pristine beauty of untouched coastlines.

Beyond its environmental message, "Ascent" also embodies a journey toward tranquility and grounding. Born out of a need to find calm during a personal storm, this piece reflects resilience, peace, and the transformative power of art in times of crisis. This artwork not only captures a beautiful scene but also serves as a beacon of hope and zen, illustrating that even amidst chaos, we have the power to create and cherish moments of serenity.

This work is signed and presented in a hinged white mat. Ready to add the frame of your choice. 

  • 7 x 5 in
  • Invasive lionfish leather, acrylic
Ascent Sale price$ 200.00