My first-ever tote bag

I just finished my first-ever non-clutch bag!

Saddle stitched tote bag

saddle stitched tote bag

saddle stitched tote bag

This tote isn’t my design. It’s a practice piece from one of the luxury leatherworking techniques books I’m reading. And it’s very practice-y. The stitches are wobbly and the rivets aren’t perfect. But for a first try I think it looks great! I’ve already figured out a few improvements I’d make to the design, like a magnetic closure and something to hold the straps together at the top. I’ll keep these in mind for my future designs. But this is a good start. Also, this is fully saddle stitched by hand (no machines) and made of full grain Italian Nappa leather with a lambskin lining. It feels wonderful and also durable.

This is what I was sewing in the video I posted last week. I’m totally hooked. I can’t wait to try making more things.

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