New bag! Now with more palm trees!

I feel selfish and mean complaining about not getting to go on Spring break when so many people are struggling with health and finances right now. Not getting to spend a week in sunny Mexico certainly isn't a hardship. But as it's gearing up to snow-rain again in Denver tomorrow, I am feeling a little sad.

So, to cheer myself (and hopefully you) up a little bit, I made this bag. My 10 year old took one look at it and said, "Oooh! So summery!"

Also, this is bag #49. Very fitting as this is the last week of my 49th year. I turn 50 next week.

Bag #49, titled "Less Snow, More Palm Trees"
Metallic foil printed, full grain, Napa cow leather exterior, buttery soft lambskin interior, solid brass hardware

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