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We Are Made of Magic

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This artwork, made of invasive carp contributes to protecting up to 150 native fish and endangered freshwater species. It also protects the $500 billion dollar economy and livelihoods of over 1.5 million people who depend on the Mississippi River. Learn more about invasive carp

We Are Made of Magic is a stunning sculpture that captivates the viewer with its intricate design and vibrant colors. The elongated oval form, adorned with a textured surface, displays the exquisite pattern of invasive carp leather, delicately overlaid in 24 karat gold. This rich golden layer sits atop a mesmerizing backdrop of iridescent blues, purples, pinks, and greens, creating a dynamic mosaic that dances with light. 

Each glowing scale pocket, meticulously crafted, reflects a sense of ancient wisdom and magic, evoking the enchantment of the carp—a symbol revered for its representation of wealth and prosperity. This piece not only celebrates the beauty of nature but also serves as a powerful reminder of the limitless potential within each of us. It invites viewers to embrace their inner magic and pursue greatness, drawing inspiration from the harmonious interplay of colors and textures that bring this vibrant artwork to life.

  • 7.5 x 16.125 x 2 in
  • Invasive carp leather, dye, pigment, 24 karat gold leaf

We Are Made of Magic
We Are Made of Magic Sale price$ 850.00