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If Nature Had More Time

Sale price$ 1,600.00

This artwork contributes to protecting over 70 species of native mammals, birds, and reptiles, and the 1.3 billion dollar economy dependent on the Florida Everglades. Learn more about invasive Burmese Python

This signed, one of a kind work of art is hand-painted with acrylic on a panel made of invasive Burmese python leather. Each individual scale was meticulously painted by hand, replacing the natural pattern. This piece serves as an experimental reimagining of the snake's pattern in a vibrant and playful way. A daring fusion of natural and abstract elements, bursting with color and movement.

It comes framed and ready to hang, making it a beautiful addition to any wall. 

  • 30 x 12 in x 1.5 in framed
  • Invasive Burmese python leather, acrylic
Unable to ship outside of the USA.