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This artwork helps save the lives of up to 350,000 native reef fish. It also helps protect the livelihoods of over 40 million people who make their living from coral reefs. Learn more about lionfish

"Renewal" stands as a testament to the beauty and harmony that can emerge from even the most challenging circumstances. Measuring 7 x 5 inches, this textured collage is meticulously crafted from small squares of invasive lionfish leather, airbrushed with acrylics and pigments to create a vibrant gradient. The intricate arrangement of these squares transitions from deep blues at the top, symbolizing the ocean depths, down to lighter blues and sea greens, and finally merging into earthy golds and browns representing the shoreline.

The fish leather lends the piece a unique, textured surface that captivates both visual and tactile senses. The harmonious blend of colors and the textural qualities of the fish skin create a dynamic portrayal of an abstract aerial view of the Caribbean shoreline, symbolizing pristine, healthy shorelines and oceans.

"Renewal" not only reflects the artist's innovative technique of transforming problematic materials into art but also serves as a beacon of tranquility and resilience. This piece embodies the potential for beauty and order amidst chaos, offering a sense of calm and control that resonates deeply in times of turmoil.

This work is signed and presented in a hinged white mat. Ready to add the frame of your choice. 

  • 7 x 5 in
  • Invasive lionfish leather, acrylic
Renewal Sale price$ 200.00