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The Ripple Effect

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This artwork contributes to protecting over 70 species of native mammals, birds, and reptiles, and the 1.3 billion dollar economy dependent on the Florida Everglades. Learn more about invasive Burmese Python

The Ripple Effect is a testament to the transformative power of art and creativity. This exquisite decorative bowl is crafted from leather sourced from an invasive Burmese python, turning an environmental challenge into a source of aesthetic beauty. The undulating edges of the bowl symbolize the fluid, sinuous movement of a snake, encapsulating a dynamic sense of life and motion.

The bowl's interior is adorned with the intricate patterns of the snake's scales, presenting a stunning natural palette of white, cream, brown, and black. Hand-applied highlights of 24 karat gold leaf accentuate these patterns, bringing a touch of opulence and sophistication. The exterior of the bowl is finished in a sleek black, providing a striking contrast to the interior's ornate design. The edges of the bowl are meticulously outlined in 24 karat gold trim, adding to its luxurious and exotic appearance.

This piece embodies a thoughtful exploration of luxury through the use of some of the finest materials available. By turning a natural predator, typically an object of fear and revulsion, into a captivating art piece, it invites viewers to rethink their perceptions and find beauty in the unexpected.

Titled "The Ripple Effect," this artwork is a metaphor for the far-reaching impact of seemingly small actions. It invites viewers to reflect on how beauty can arise from adversity and how thoughtful interventions can create ripples of positive change. This decorative bowl not only enriches any space with its presence but also tells a compelling story of transformation and the impact of mindful creativity.

  • 18.25 x 8.75 x 3.875 in
  • Invasive Burmese python leather, dye, 24 karat gold leaf

For display only, not food safe.

Unable to ship outside of the USA.
The Ripple Effect
The Ripple Effect Sale price$ 1,100.00